Managing the nail-biting thrill of a crowded fuel stop

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris   +When you became a fulltimer, you probably found yourself driving the largest vehicle you have ever driven. Great for living quarters, but another matter when it’s time to fuel up your rig. Maneuvering in and out of the fuel station can become anything from a challenge to a nightmare. Swinging your rig... Read More

How to find dump stations in unfamiliar territory

By Dave Helgeson Unless you plan to just park in the same RV resorts after becoming a fulltimer, you will more likely be doing some extensive traveling and probably some boondocking. You will experience the freedom to go where you want, when you want, no reservations and no checkout times. However, no matter how large your holding tanks are or how frugal... Read More

Importance of efficient use of the shower for fulltiming

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris Moving from a permanent large home to the confines of an RV and fulltime living will result in making many lifestyle changes. One of them is access to hot running water. Sure, you have a water heater in your RV. Typically it’s a six-gallon job, while your old land-based heater was probably 40... Read More

How to recall trips and campgrounds years later

  Fulltimers spend a lot time on the road, in lots and lots of campgrounds, boondocking locations, state and national parks, and numerous other camping locations. You may think that you will have perfect recall when you try to remember exactly where that perfect campground in Montana was a year after camping there. Surprise. You won’t. But Chris Guld has a solution... Read More

Commonsense guidelines for boondocking

One simple way to reduce RVing expenses for fulltimers is to occasionally boondock to save RV resort and campground expenses, but some RVers have been turned off of boondocking by finding many dispersed camping areas to be trashy with the detritus of previous campers.  It seems that many campers might think that when you are boondocking on free public lands... Read More

Should you turn your propane off when traveling?

Whether to travel in you RV with the propane turned on is an oft-heard debate among RVers. In this excerpt from a live webcast of RV Talk Live, former technical editor Chris Dougherty explains why it’s not a good idea to travel in an RV with the propane turned on. Sponsored by . Subscribe to this channel: Read More

Revitalize your dinette cushions with new foam

  Fulltimers wear out their foam in dinette seats and beds faster than part-time RVers since the foam cushions are used every day of the year. And unfortunately, when RV manufacturers need to save a few bucks, where do they shave – where the rump meets the road – the quality of foam rubber in cushions. A few years of fulltiming... Read More

Do you know the main factor of your tires’ life?

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris If you live the life of a 24/7 fulltimer you know how tire life contributes to your annual financial picture.  They’re expensive to replace and are an important factor in your driving safety. Let’s look at what you can do to reduce tire cost without sacrificing safety. Industry experts, including tire-consuming fleet folks... Read More

Repeal of protections bad for wildlife watchers

  For many RVers, whether fulltimers or weekenders, wildlife watching rates at or near the top of the list of why we chose to become RVers. We also rate our National Parks and National and State Wildlife Refuges at the top of our destination, most-visited, and bucket lists for the same reason. At Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, herds of... Read More