Repeal of protections bad for wildlife watchers

  For many RVers, whether fulltimers or weekenders, wildlife watching rates at or near the top of the list of why we chose to become RVers. We also rate our National Parks and National and State Wildlife Refuges at the top of our destination, most-visited, and bucket lists for the same reason. At Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, herds of... Read More

Find public lands boondocking information

  Finding information on dispersed camping (boondocking) campsites in the National Forests and on BLM land is sometimes daunting. It takes a bit of effort through multiple menu dropdowns to track down the information you need. But here is some help in getting there.  In order to find information on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land you will need to... Read More

Conserve resources to extend boondocking days

  By Bob Difley Most fulltimers spend the majority of their nights in RV parks and resorts. But as fulltimers become more experienced, they start to spend more time boondocking, just to be distanced from neighbors close by, campground noise, and to enjoy the scenery and solitude of more natural areas. And as they become more comfortable with boondocking, you... Read More