How to increase water flow in your RV faucets

  By Gary Bunzer Are you experiencing decreasing water pressure from your RV faucets? Here are a couple of things to check. Remove the faucet strainer at the outlet of that bathroom faucet set. It simply unscrews from the outlet. There may also be a flow restrictor component inside, depending on the brand of faucet used in your motorhome. A... Read More

So many weather apps, which one should you use?

by Chris Guld, A while back I wrote an article about weather apps. I recently reviewed it and updated some of the information. All of the apps I mentioned have gotten better. All of the apps have the same basics and maybe one or two unique features. In doing the research to update my article, I found several reports... Read More

Where to overnight in Nevada when you can’t find a Walmart

By Dave Helgeson With only a dozen or so municipalities containing a Walmart or two within their city limits, finding a suitable parking lot for a complimentary overnight stay in Nevada is not as easily done as in the more populous states. Conveniently, NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) stockpiles gravel about every ten miles or so along many of its... Read More

What type of RV is best for fulltiming?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When the discussion around the potluck switches to what type of RV is best for fulltiming, everyone has their own ideas and preferences. But when taken together, a deeper study could show some surprising results. A poll running on the fulltime RVers’ club, Escapees, website asks: What type of RV do you fulltime in?... Read More

Fulltimers are exposed to potentially unsafe water in campgrounds

Most people – RVers included – do not think much about the quality and safety of their water supply. And they also tend to overlook potentially unsafe water supplies when staring them in the face, such as at some RV parks. And fulltimers spend more time (like 24/7) in RV parks than part-time RVers, increasing their exposure to unsafe water. Here is info... Read More

Fulltimers dilemma: Visiting your primary care physician

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris When transitioning into a fulltime RV lifestyle, one of the normal functions you perform automatically may slip through the cracks_ the regular visits to your primary care physician. Your regular doc knows you, your medical history, and your particular medical needs. But that’s understandable. You may spend most of your time hundreds or... Read More

Campfire safety: Don’t let yours be the spark for wildfire devastation

  By Chris Dougherty Chris Dougherty is a certified RV technician and former professional fireman. Here is an article he wrote while he was serving as’s technical editor. Even if you don’t read the news on a regular basis, you can’t miss hearing about or seeing videos of the devastation caused by wildfires. Often started by lightning, or careless workmen,... Read More