Do you really need a deep soaking bathtub?

By Andrew Robinson RVs continue to grow larger and larger, adding “bells and whistles” and other frills to telmpt buyers. And many RV manufacturers are evolving from building RVs as vehicles to use for recreation into building them for homes-on-wheels, we have yet another entry into the RV designers’ game: “What cool option can we feature next that nobody really needs?” We already have built-in washer-dryers, dishwashers, fireplaces,... Read More

How to interpret highway “Road Grade” signs

  By Russ and Tiña De Maris If most of your RVing since becoming a fulltimer has been in the midwest or south, you have likely seen very few “steep grade” signs. But when the wanderlust of the open road grasps your adventurous spirit and you head bravely for the mountainous west, these signs will pop up with increasing regularity,... Read More

Save weight and space when stocking your RV kitchen

  By Adrienne Kristine No matter what size rig you drive, you will always need more space in the galley. But you can be more efficient and save space with these galley tips. Cans and bottles are heavy, but boxes of dry stores, like cereal, pasta, and snacks are bulky and contain a lot of air. If you remove the contents and put... Read More

Fulltiming often means leaving family and the familiar behind

  By Brenda Bott Whether you have been full timing for a while like my husband David and me, or are new to fulltiming, or are still in the research phase, the following video may be relevant. While most people think about the travel and the adventure and visiting places on your bucket list, there is another side to fulltiming that is... Read More

When fulltiming, cut expenses by reducing travel and staying longer

  By Curtis Carper Very clearly the cost of fuel is the largest expense when it comes to living the RV lifestyle. Many would love to travel the country, heading off on a whim to see all the grand sights this country has to offer. The one-time expense of an RV is enough of a budget buster — but when a... Read More